Suzie's Workshop About Us

Sue had always loved to decorate the outside of her home, but year after year the garage was a sore spot in the yard. Just putting a spotlight on the door wasn't ever quite enough. Over the years she tried different methods of decorating her garage door and they never really worked. One day, almost on accident, Sue discovered that her garage door was magnetic. That year she made her own decorations for Halloween and received rave reviews from friends, family and neighbors. Next thing she knew, her garage door magnets were a hit and she was selling out at craft fairs. With a little encouragement from her husband, Sue decided to pursue her magnets full time and started Suzie's Workshop.

Sue is passionate about decorating and loves to use things in different ways from their original intention. She enjoys repurposing items and thinking outside the box when it comes to decorating.

Established in 2009, Suzie's Workshop's main goal is to help people decorate their homes and yards in a simple and easy way. Each magnet is unique and allows everyone to use their own creativity to decorate their home outside and in.

Competitive Advantage

  • Magnets are designed and packaged to bring multiple choices to the consumer. They are not sold in predetermined "looks" that may limit creativity.
  • Individual packages allow the consumer to purchase as much or as little as they want. Each year they can update and add to their collection, allowing each person to have a different "look" to match their taste, style, and budget.
  • 100% handmade to insure highest quality
  • Quick and easy to use and to store away.
  • Magnets are the strongest type available in the market.

Other Notes/facts

  • NOTE: Wood, Vinyl Coated Aluminum and Fiberglass doors that are not reinforced with steel will not work. Check first to see if your garage door is compatible.
  • Large in size for easy viewing, a big impact for little effort.
  • Can be placed on Flat and Raised panel doors anyway you like.
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR use on any magnetic surface.
  • Sealed to protect color
  • Made with the strongest magnets available to withstand the worst weather conditions

Storing your Magnets

To store your magnets, simply remove them from the door and let them dry completely before stacking them flat in plastic.

Why Decorate the Garage Door?

Garage doors are normally located in the front of a home and can be an extremely large focal point. Before our product was invented, the only garage decorations we could find were holiday spotlights but they could only be seen at night.
Now, you can complete your holiday decorating right onto your garage door during daylight hours using your garage door as a blank canvas.

Is your Garage Door Magnetic?

Our outdoor holiday garage door magnets will work on any steel reinforced garage door - vinyl coated, fiberglass, or aluminum.
If you're not sure what type of door you have, take a standard magnet from your refrigerator and see if it sticks. If it does, then our products will stick to your door.

Our magnets can be placed on both flat and raised paneled garage doors and can be mixed and matched for all kinds of themes. You're only limited by your creativity!

Be sure to test your door before ordering!